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What is kaamwork?

kaamwork is a job portal with a mission to (a) enable companies identify and hire the right talent for their roles anywhere in the world and (b) enable talent to apply to jobs they are eligible for with the freedom to work from anywhere in the world.

Is kaamwork only for remote jobs?

Short answer is No. We don’t like the term ‘remote’ to describe a future of work where working from anywhere globally will be as inclusive and integrated as hiring in traditional definitions of physical office locations. We want to empower talent to be able to apply to jobs which could be located a block away from their current location to ones that could be several time zones away.

Why can’t I apply to all jobs on kaamwork?

You can apply only to jobs for which you meet the “must-have” requirements as specified in the job post. In some jobs, you can meet these requirements by ensuring they are included in your profile whereas in others, you might be required to validate your skills on our proprietary SkillMirror. Such a system ensures companies receive only qualified applicants and you spend your time applying only to relevant jobs.

Why do I need a kaamwork profile to apply to jobs?

Your kaamwork profile creates a standardized format to store your work experience, future job preferences, personality traits, and skill proficiency. Such a standardized format makes it easy for you to apply to any global job while personalizing your application each time.

How long does it take to make the kaamwork profile?

The onboarding screens with details for your current job details and key next job preferences take less than a minute. Time for the full profile varies depending on how many chapters (# of past jobs with work/projects/skills descriptions, degrees, other career milestones) you need to to enter for your profile to accurately reflect your career journey and apply to global jobs with strong and compelling applications.

Why do I still have to apply on the company’s website even though I am applying through kaamwork?

Some companies prefer receiving applications through their centralized ATS or website. The good news is that even in all such cases, you are submitting an application PDF generated through kaamwork which conveys your eligibility along with verification of your skills (where applicable) to the receiving company.

Why do I have to upload the kaamwork-generated PDF application while applying to jobs?

The application PDF file generated while applying to jobs on kaamwork is customized to highlight aspects in your profile that match the eligibility requirements for the job. The kaamwork application system therefore not only saves you time from customizing each application, but also saves companies a huge amount of time from screening through resumes to check for relevant applications.

Why can’t I upload my resume or use my LinkedIn profile to create my profile on kaamwork?

Your kaamwork profile is your universal gateway to apply to any global job. Resumes don’t have a standard global format whereas LinkedIn is good for social networking but often is missing important aspects of your learning and capabilities as they might be relevant for job applications. As such, we require that you create your profile afresh - its a one-time investment of your time to apply to any number of jobs forever, with personalization each time.

What needs to be specified in our employment history?

In each job card, you will specify attributes like:

  • modular project descriptions to highlight what you solved and what you learned,
  • tangential knowledge you picked up - B2B vs. B2C stakeholders, sectors (can be different from the industry classification of your company itself)
  • global interactions and travel
  • your role on the team (managing people, owning delivery, contributing independently)
  • reasons for switching between jobs - understand what drives and motivates you
  • salary/earnings - to help our recommendation engine maximize your salary quotes for job applications"
Where do I specify my skills in the profile?

The only way to specify skills is within a job/project card - we aggregate across all your experiences to calculate your experience tenure per skill. Go to an existing (or create a new job history card) and under the 'Work' tab, add skills under Projects or Overall Work Description. We do not have a way to specify skills generically (like on resumes or other portals) - this is intentional for making job matches super-relevant for you and prospective employers

How do I specify my total numbers of work experience in the profile?

Your total work experience is calculated by aggregating your tenures at past and current jobs; there isn't a separate field to enter your overall years of experience. Therefore, to have your total number of years of work experience be accurately reflected in your profile, please ensure you enter your complete employment history in your profile.

Is my profile public? What information is shared publicly?

All profiles are public except for sensitive information including (a) current availability, (b) salary info, (c) reasons for job switches - these are visible only to companies you apply to as part of your application.

How do I get kaamwork to list a skill I currently can’t find to add to my profile?

In the skills section, there is a link to request adding a skill - please fill the request form and you shall be notified once the skill is added. Please note that the platform carefully curates skills specified by companies in their job posts as well as candidates as part of their profiles.

What happens after I apply to a job?

Each company has its own process of followup, engagement, and communication after an application has been submitted.

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Is kaamwork only for remote jobs?

No. kaamwork is a platform for all jobs - in-locale to remote anywhere in the world.

Is the kaamwork platform really free?

Yes. You pay nothing to post jobs and accept applications.

Can I specify specific regions even if hiring remotely?

Yes - you can specify region, timezone, and working hours overlap needed while posting your remote job.

How do I post a job on kaamwork?

Click on the Post Job link on the site header to access the employer page and click on the Post Job button to submit your live job link to list on the site. This is a temporary process until we create a signup process for employers to post and manage their job posts.

How do I contact candidates who have applied to my job?

Candidate contact details including phone and email are available in the PDF application as well as on the candidate profile page

Why are the benefits of posting my job on kaamwork?

1. access global talent: candidates from anywhere in the world can apply provided they meet your timezone and working hours overlap requirement mentioned in your job post

2. save hours of screening and interviewing time: candidates have to verify their applications against the eligibility criteria you specify in your job posts - such a system ensures you save significant time in screening applications with only relevant and inclined candidates applying to your job

3. save money: posting jobs and hiring on kaamwork is free, forever

How can I hire someone who is based in a country where our company does not have a presence?

kaamwork’s ‘Employ Anywhere’ service gives you an end-to-end solution to execute your hire in over 180 countries - all the heavy-lifiting from employment agreements, compliance, payroll, benefits to wow elements such as soulful office spaces, local HR support, and other remote-readiness training is delivered through one flat fee as a percentage of your hire’s annual salary