Historically, jobs have always been location-driven. Companies intentionally set up their offices in cities where they felt it would be easiest to access talent. Likewise, talent migrated to those locations where their desired industry existed.

With work from anywhere as an option, location isn’t the priority that it used to be. A company can now hire around the world and find the best talent without breaking the bank. There are benefits that abound for both sides of the hiring table in this new development. Here’s what you should know and how you can find a remote opportunity on the job portal kaamwork.

Moving away from the office model in hiring

Work from anywhere can be a scary move for employers who have never experienced anything different. Yet, the statistics agree. Moving away from the office model toward work from anywhere can benefit employers in a variety of ways:

  • Wider pool of applicants: Did you know that hiring the wrong person for a position can cost you up to 27 times that position’s base salary? The work from anywhere mentality opens up the entire country (if not the entire world) for hiring purposes
  • Lower hiring costs: The Society of Human Resources stated that the average cost to hire an employee was roughly $4,129 and 41 days. Glassdoor provided a similar statistic with $4,000 and 52 days. This shows the amount of time and money invested in an employee before they’re even in the office. By using a job portal, you can significantly reduce these
  • Lower rent: Eliminating the need for office space means that you’re not paying rent somewhere for your employees to work
  • Higher productivity: Business News Daily found that remote employees work 1.4 days more per month than office-based employees. This equates to three additional work weeks per year
  • Higher retention rates: When you stop losing employees, you don’t need to spend time or money finding new ones, which can be a frustrating cycle. Work from anywhere gives your employees flexibility and enhances their work-life balance, which both play a crucial role in employee satisfaction and retention

Working from anywhere as an employee

The percentage of remote workers has been steadily rising over the last few decades because of the freedoms that it provides. Work from anywhere provides incredible advantages to employees as well:

  • Location choice: The ability to work from anywhere opens up a wide range of options. Employees can work from home, the office (if available), or a third location that they choose (coffee shop, Airbnb, etc.)
  • Scheduling flexibility: Offering a better work-life balance is a benefit that more employers are now catching onto. Scheduling flexibility allows people to schedule appointments, balance parenthood, and feel happier about their work situation overall
  • No commuting costs: Because you won’t spend time commuting, you’ll free up both time and money. As a result, remote workers often have increased productivity and greater satisfaction with their job.

Research has shown that over one in three employees (36 percent!) would choose the ability to work from home over a pay raise. This indicates just how valued this is on a day to day by workers. As long as they maintain good communication, their schedules are flexible, and they can adequately balance their home lives with their work lives.

How to make work from anywhere possible

Looking for a way to make work from anywhere a reality in your life? kaamwork is a job portal that works on both sides of the hiring table. Whether you’re searching for a job or you’re searching for an employee, kaamwork helps you with work from anywhere in mind.

Companies can post an unlimited number of jobs across any domain or location (including time zone preferences!). Candidates can search jobs, build resumes, and apply to jobs that are a perfect fit. While job portal websites aren’t known for personalization, kaamwork provides all the special features that can help company profiles and individual applications stand out.

Finding your next work from anywhere gig just got easier. Watch the video below or visit here for more information.