Upfront disclaimer: I am building my startup globally at WeWork locations. WeWork is also a user of the kaam.work hiring platform.

It’s a brutal world out there. When things are going well, everyone is in awe and applauding you, but sliver of dark cloud and swords come out.

WeWork up until early this year was the brand to beat—cool, hip, tomorrow-age, disrupting the archaic commercial real estate industry—a cult almost! The recent negative press and social posts around its founder, business model, technology, etc. don’t surprise me being an ex-investor.

I am writing this piece to share a personal journey that showcases the irreversible impact WeWork has had and will continue to have on the future of work.

All thanks to WeWork, in the last 10 months while building kaam.work:

● I have met with scores of exciting entrepreneurs, freelancers, and industry professionals—two of whom are my co-founders, and several others are now on the platform as candidates as well as hiring managers

● I have travelled to Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, London, New York, Boston, San Francisco, Raleigh, Singapore, etc. cities. In each city, I have had an office to go to, and a warm and welcoming community team that made me feel at home

● We have our own team members and aspirants who’ve secured their dream remote jobs through kaam.work working out of 5 different cities globally

● Even within Bangalore, we have colleagues working remote jobs out of various offices. The in-city remote jobs are useful to avoid the city’s crazy traffic or sometimes just to change the ambience

●     I proudly invite people to visit our office. Compare this to my first startup in 2008 when offices were a classic garage-style setup, and I would usually go outtherefore to meet people

I can go on, but I think you see where I am going. There are some businesses that entrepreneurs build, and then there are ideas that the world needs.

I don’t care if you classify WeWork as a tech company or a real estate company or whether the founder has 20x voting rights or not. But yes, I do care that WeWork builds a sustainable economic model so that it can continue doing what it’s doing. And I have no doubt it will. Because the idea that is WeWork is bigger than the company WeWork.

Kaam.work enables companies to hire anywhere and enable talent to work from anywhere. We empower employers to do remote hiring, and offer employees an opportunity to start working remotely. Any company can post their remote jobs online at kaam.work for free. An individual can find the remote working job he/she wants from anywhere in the world.

Remote jobs are easier to find and remote employees, easier to locate on kaam.work.

The headline picture for this post is one of our colleagues shot at a WeWork🙂